Hopeland Freelance a.k.a Hopelancer

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How is Hopelancer different from all the other Freelance Companies?

  •           The first thing I notice is the commission that they charge which is 7%. That is really cool for us freelancers. They are only charge you after the client has paid which is nice men. You do not need to pay it upfront.
  •           This question does not make sense to me. These companies are all the same. They want us freelancers and clients to help them make money. Whether the money is small of big depend on each company. The bottom line is that we help them make money for them. I think it is better to focus on ourselves whether we are going to make money too and forget about all these other stuff.
  •           The monthly membership fee is very low compared to the other companies that I have worked with. This is what attracted me to this company in the first place
  •           I am not in the business of comparing companies. What interest me is whether am going to make money period.
  •           It is easier for me to navigate the website. The site is user friendly which is good. Other sites are really cumbersome and difficult to navigate it especially for beginners.



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