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How it Works

Clients: (Those looking for Freelance workers to hire)

You can hire Freelancers anywhere in the world through us for free. All you need to do is to Sign in and post your jobs for free. Freelancers across the globe will bid for the jobs. Based on your hiring criteria, you will go through the profile of the Freelancers and choose whoever meets your specification.

You only have to pay the Freelancers when you are satisfied with the work that they have done. At the same time, you may be asked to put down an escrow as an assurance that you will pay the Freelancer(s) when the work is completed. The escrow will not be released to the Freelancers except you tell Hopeland Freelance to do so.


Hopelancerians: (Those looking for freelance work)

As a Freelancer, you have to register with Hopelancer with NO monthly fee but you will have to buy Hopes (bids) to apply for projects. How much you pay here is one of the best in the industry. You have to constantly check for jobs on the site as there are posted regularly.

Once you see a job that you think you can do, place your bid for it. Make sure your profile is up to date when registering because that is how you will sell yourself to the prospective clients. You pay a small commission (7%) only after the client has paid you. Again, our commission is the best in the industry.

Thousands of Freelancers have registered which include:  Journalists, Writers, Computer Programmers, Engineers, Photo & Videographers, Translators, Designers, IT Professionals, Marketers, Legal Professionals, etc



Anyone who wants to make use of our service(s) and qualifies as shown on “The Terms of Use” be it Hopelancerians (Freelancers) or Clients CANNOT be discriminated upon for any reason. Any discrimination be it on Religion, Sexual Orientation, Nationality, Culture or any other criterion as stipulated by US laws is unacceptable.

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