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As a Client what are the specific things that you are looking from an ideal Freelancer?

  •           For me I want someone who is not expensive. That is why I have to shop many freelancers before choosing one.
  •           Communication, communication, communication. I cannot emphasize how important this is. If you are doing my work you need to constantly give me updates.
  •          Most freelancers think only of how much money they are going to make from one project and forget about building a partnership with the client that can last. You do not need to be penny wise and pound foolish.
  •           Honesty is top on the list for me. Let your yes be yes. Don’t tell me one thing when you mean another. Freelancers are good at telling lies because they want you to award them a project only to turn around and start giving excuses. That is wrong and is a deal breaker to me. If you do that to me I will not like to work with you again in the future.
  •           To me the amount of money you charge me does not matter if and only if you know your work and will deliver a good project, am happy with it. But mediocre workers are vexation which I detested. It is better to honorably say you cannot do a project rather than take it and unable to deliver.   

Hello everyone, this question is from the leadership of Hopeland Freelance. We entreat you to be honest please. Hopelancer values its customers very much. What will you recommend to the leadership of the Hopelancer to make your experience with the company even better?

  •           I suggest that you reduce the commission from 7% to 3% and also reduce the membership fees ….. hahahaaha
  •           Can you give new freelancers a trial period of 3 to 6 months please? Within these months they should not pay the membership fees.

What are the specific benefits that Freelancers and Clients get from registering and becoming members of Hopeland Freelance?

  •           What else rather than having an opportunity to meet freelancer or clients? The site gives us this platform.
  •           To me the important thing is that the company opens up opportunities for freelancers to the outside world. My company now has clients from 5 different countries.
  •           The fact that I came out of the University without any experience but started my business and used Hopeland Freelance to launch it high is wonderful.
  •           I am a Client from South Africa and I have used this company for some time now. What I like here is to have so many people bid for my job and I select the cheapest one who will still do the work while saving me money is great.

Hopelancer Blog

Hopeland Freelance is a company that greatly values its customers. We do not see freelancers and clients only as customers but as partners. One of the major objective of the company is to bring together a community of professional be you a freelancer or a client. The ultimate aim is to make sure you get the best experience here.

Considering the above, there are some topics below which we will appreciate it if you honestly put down your inputs to them.

How is Hopelancer different from all the other Freelance Companies?

  •           The first thing I notice is the commission that they charge which is 7%. That is really cool for us freelancers. They are only charge you after the client has paid which is nice men. You do not need to pay it upfront.
  •           This question does not make sense to me. These companies are all the same. They want us freelancers and clients to help them make money. Whether the money is small of big depend on each company. The bottom line is that we help them make money for them. I think it is better to focus on ourselves whether we are going to make money too and forget about all these other stuff.
  •           The monthly membership fee is very low compared to the other companies that I have worked with. This is what attracted me to this company in the first place
  •           I am not in the business of comparing companies. What interest me is whether am going to make money period.
  •           It is easier for me to navigate the website. The site is user friendly which is good. Other sites are really cumbersome and difficult to navigate it especially for beginners.

What is the best way to attract Clients and make them to accept my proposal?

  •      I feel that a very good profile showing your experience and samples of the work that you have done before might attract clients to your bid.
  •      For me I think that as a freelancer you do not need to have a very high amount for your bid. Remember it is competitive and they are others who are willing to accept lower amounts. Well it is up to you to decide.
  •      The amount a freelancer asks the client is not the only import thing here. You need to convince the clients in other ways like making sure you language is nice without grammatical errors. Or you may show much respect as you try to relate with the client.
  •      Boy I do not think that there is a particular way to work this out. I say so because clients are different. What might work for one person might not work for another … so may be everything is pure luck.
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