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About Us

HOPELAND FREELANCE a.k.a Hopelancer is a national and global freelance company. The company out-sources and in-sources jobs nationally and globally. It brings the world’s best talents to your door steps and at affordable rates. Our Website is in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

You can hire the best Freelancers from any part of the world at competitive rates. On the other hand, Freelancers can work for anyone around the world on their terms as long as both of them agree.

If you hire a Freelancer, you do not need to pay him/her until you are satisfied with the work. As a Freelancer, you can also ask the Client to deposit an escrow to assure you that he/she will pay for the work when it is completed. By doing so both the Client and the Freelancer are protected. It is completely free to the Client to out-source or in-source jobs through us.

Anyone who wants to make use of our service(s) and qualifies as shown on “The Terms of Use” be it Hopelancerians (Freelancers) or Clients CANNOT be discriminated upon for any reason. Any discrimination be it on Religion, Sexual Orientation, Nationality, Culture or any other criterion as stipulated by US laws is unacceptable.

The home country of Hopelancer is the United States. The company is a subsidiary of HOPELAND GROUP, LLC which is registered in the State of Georgia, USA. The President and Chair of the company is: Dr. Chebe, Emmanuel N.

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